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NCAA Football

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October 21st, 2012

08:34 am - Special Teams Ahoy
I've been up since 7 a.m. here in Melbourne, Australia, to watch my Gators take on South Carolina through online streaming video courtesy of work's US VPN connection. Here's a stat combo you won't see too often: in the first half, UF's total yards=28. UF's total points=21!

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October 7th, 2012

04:02 pm - Happy Gator!
Not only did #10 Florida beat #4 LSU (second game in a row without allowing the opposition a TD, plus we held LSU to only 9 first downs), but now comes word that NC State, which was down 16-0 at the half, has stunned #3 FSU with a TD with 16 seconds left to win 17-16!

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September 30th, 2012

03:12 pm - Squeaking By
Is it just me, or do the top teams this year seem more beatable than in previous years? In these early weeks, I've seen some really tight scores in games I wouldn't have thought would be close.

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July 23rd, 2012

02:01 pm - NCAA Penn State Penalty
Earlier on Facebook, I got wrapped up in the hoopla around the Penn State fine being levied. I figured they were worth putting up here. I'd like to edit it so that it can be one coherent essay, but I've spent too much of my day already talking about it. So for now here it is in all its rawness. Before you read it, let me say that I'd have an easier time believing the condemnation, outrage, and hoopla if these weren't a lot of the same people who look the other way when the Catholic Church does stuff like this. No offense, but Paterno was Catholic, and I thought his response to this was very fitting with how that organization - and also his generation - dealt with these sorts of things. Obviously these are very inflammatory things that I don't really want to broadcast on Facebook, and that doesn't mean that what they did can be construed as right or proper, but I think that's partially how this snowball of evil got rolling in the first place.

The main tenets of the post are expressed in the first paragraph, and then are expounded on in greater detail behind the cut. I'd really like to have a chat about this that doesn't involve a lot of the blind Penn State hatred that exists in WVU land. Thank you.

- This isn't justice, this is vengeance. I understand what happened was terrible, but there are laws against this sort of thing, and we have legitimate channels (courts and prisons) ready to handle them. People will go to jail because they broke the law and they hurt people. The NCAA's actions are tantamount to an angry mob with torches keen on burning the guy's old house down because he was a scumbag and he used to live there. I understand the sentiment, it's very human, but the NCAA has no place in this. I've lost what little respect I had left for them if they think this is responsibly wielding their authority. This is for the courts, the state, and the school to decide the fate of the program.

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April 27th, 2012

09:51 am - P Is for Playoff!
BCS Takes Big Step Toward College Football Playoff

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January 9th, 2012

09:58 pm

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December 3rd, 2011

02:30 pm
I confess that I'm actually pulling for Georgia against LSU today. Not that I like Georgia or anything, but I think that has the biggest possibility of BCS chaos. If the BCS can't produce a real playoff system, at least it should be interesting.
Current Music: Georgia 3, LSU 0

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November 20th, 2011

04:24 pm - Upset Saturday
Surprised not to see some posts here, what with unranked Iowa State beating #2 Oklahoma State (breaking a 0-56-2 record against Top 5 teams), unranked USC beating #4 Oregon, #22 Baylor beating #5 Oklahoma, and unranked North Carolina State beating #7 Clemson.
Current Mood: surprisedsurprised

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October 9th, 2011

12:33 am - Ohio State
Ohio State fans: you travel well. Met some very nice folks in Lincoln today.

That game was insane, and by far the best atmosphere I've seen in Lincoln in a long time. It was awesome!

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October 6th, 2011

01:02 am - FSU
Im new to the NCAA Football & have ALWAYS been a NFL fan. My husband is a HUGE Florida State fan (Since we live rght down the street from FSU LOL) & Im slowly but surely learning everything about NCAA. I was wanting to know other people's opinion about FSU, coach Fisher, & the team this year. I think our defense is strong & we can get into the red zone but we just cant make that last little bit to get the TD. Our offense needs to step up a little more & without EJ Mannuel I dont think we have that strong of an offense. Our defense also needs to stop with getting penalties every other play! What does everyone else think?
Current Location: Tallahassee, FL
Current Mood: curiouscurious

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